Gold Coast bar-The ultimate Guide of do’s and don’ts at a Bar

The first bars appeared in Australia as soon as the settlers got off the boats in Sydney around 1790 and since then bars have grown in numbers and sophistication. Gone are the dirt floors and canvas walls, but many still hold an old-world charm. In the first bars, you could expect rum, whiskey, brandy and locally made beer, usually served at room temperature along with a lot of local camaraderie and cheer, but even back then there were somethings you were expected to do and some that were frowned upon.

Gold Coast bar Tips – What not to do at a Bar on the Gold Coast?

Gold Coast bar Tips - What not to do at a Bar on the Gold Coast?

The standard of behavior that’s expected of patrons in bars around The Gold Coast is much the same as anywhere else in Australia. The old demon drink is well known as a catalyst for bringing out the hidden nature of some people. Some relax, while others tend to get uptight and are easily offended. Those who consider themselves the Alpha Male of the area like to try and impress others with their more basic charms. This can lead to aggressive acts which impress no one and spoil the evening for many others

Good behavior and a polite disposition will get you noticed by the other sex as well as your bartender who is usually frantically busy trying to serve everyone, but will still notice you and serve you quicker.

  • Mobile Phones

Most people go to a bar to meet others and engage in social interaction, so it’s good form to turn your mobile off or at least silent or even leave it at in your car when visiting a bar or club. The world will not end because you missed a call and friends and associates don’t like being interrupted with vibrations, beeps and other sounds from your smartphone.

If you’re a bit of a snowflake and go into withdrawal without your phone, at least if it rings, excuse yourself and move away from the bar and maybe go outside to take your call or do your texting. Your attention should be on those your with, not absent friends and be sure not to answer your phone when being served by the bar staff or a waiter. That is a sure way to be ignored.

  • Ordering

Barkeepers and waiting staff in Gold Coast bars are experienced professional people who take serving their customers very seriously. Don’t click your fingers, whistle or shout at the bar staff, raising your voice enough to be heard is expected, but yelling at them at best will get you ignored and could cause you to be bounced out and possibly banned.

Make sure you know what you want before you order so you can place a full order at once, don’t make a string order where you try and order drinks individually, you’re only wasting your bartenders time and keeping others waiting. Saying thanks and please help to keep everyone happy and a happy barkeep equals a good night for everyone

  • Paying and tips

Always pay for the whole round, don’t try to pay individually or sort that yourselves. If you stay for the evening ask for a tab, for multiple orders this makes things easy for everyone, but don’t even consider skipping on it. (The barkeep has to make up the difference). On large rounds leave a tip and a smile and keep the change is a great way to have a fast next round. If you’re in an upmarket bar ordering fancy drinks and cocktails and cannot afford to tip, you’re in the wrong bar

  • A bar is not your space

A public bar or club should not be treated like your home; everything on the bar is out of bounds unless the barkeep offers it to you. Don’t squeeze the fruit of grab a cocktail umbrella. You should not reach for the drinks until the bartender signals you, they’re ready and don’t try and help them to do their job. They’ll ask if they won’t help.

Avoid pushing in front, there is almost always a queue and jumping the line will not win friends.

  • Conversation Topics

Topics in Bar such as religion and politics are best avoided and you need to be aware that everything you say can be heard by others so controversial topics can get you into troubled waters, polarize some people. A safe topic is individual sports and doing more listening than talking is a sure way to make friends.

  • Know when to Leave

When the bar music stops and the lights come up, it’s time to leave, no one is going to be happy about waiting for your pleasure to go, after a busy night

Gold Coast bar Tips – The food you should eat before Drinking Alcohol at a bar

Gold Coast bar Tips - The food you should eat before Drinking Alcohol at a bar

Before you go out for a night bar hopping and drinking, the food you eat can have a large impact on the way you feel at the end of the night as well as the next morning. It can help control your hunger while balancing your electrolytes and reducing hangovers.

Try some of these healthy pre-drinking foods:

  • Eggs

Protein-rich foods like eggs can keep your stomach fuller for longer which delays alcohol absorption while reducing the feeling or cravings for snacking while drinking

  • Oats

Another great source of protein is oats, in one cup there’s 10gr of protein and 8gr of fiber. Oats are beneficial for protecting from alcohol liver damage as the help improve liver function

Quinoa is a high protein whole grain, fiber rich food full of antioxidants to remove harmful radicals acquired while drinking, it also helps with electrolyte imbalances

  • Bananas

Loaded with potassium to prevent electrolyte imbalance that is common with drinkers and lots of fiber, bananas help reduce alcohol absorption while keeping you hydrated

  • Salmon

A great way to get plenty of omega-3 fatty acids that are known to protect against some of the harmful effects of drinking including inflammation of the brain

  • Greek Yogurt

A good balance of fat, protein and complex carbohydrate yogurt is a great food to safeguard you and keep you feeling full all night long

  • Berries

Blackberries, strawberries, blueberries and things like dark plus are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins C and K as well as manganese and fiber to protect your cell from alcohol induced damage and stress

  • Grapefruit

Contains naringin and naringenin that prevent liver damage and improve liver health as well as enzymes that help with liver detoxification

  • Melon

Melon is a great source of potassium and other electrolytes which are often depleted with alcohol consumption, eat it fresh or as a juice

  • Avocado

A rich source of monounsaturated fats that are good for the heart and take a long time to digest, so slow down alcohol absorption to your blood stream

  • Beets

Beets can help prevent cell and liver damage because of the types of antioxidants they supply. They’re great cooked or eaten raw in salads

Sweet Potatoes

High in complex carbohydrates that help reduce the effects of alcohol on your body and minimize any blood sugar level spikes or crashes sweet potatoes are very filling so help reduce hunger while drinking

  • Trail mix

Made with nuts, seeds, oats, coconut flakes and dried fruit trail mix provides a hearty snack that’s great for pre-drinking or while drinking

Gold Coast bar Tips – Food you should avoid eating before Drinking Alcohol at a bar

Gold Coast bar Tips - Food you should avoid eating before Drinking Alcohol at a bar

It’s really bad form to be the guy that’s totally plastered or rolling drunk in the bar. You then have to deal with all the negative stuff of getting home safely when you can hardly stand up, let alone the terrible feeling the next day when you’re hungover, but still have to show up at work or other commitments you have.

This usually happens because there was no food in your stomach to stop the alcohol from going directly into your bloodstream with the resulting immediate effect and afterward consequences.

When there is no fool to slow down the alcohols progression, it moves quickly through the stomach, lungs, kidneys and brain. Without food, about 20 per cent of the alcohol you consume takes about a minute to reach the brain. This gives you a pleasant temporary feeling of warmth or a nice flush, while your body has started to deal with the effect the alcohol is having on it.

The foods you should avoid before visit a Gold Coast Bar

  • Salty Snack Foods

Alcohol is a diuretic, so increases the amount of urine your body produces and at the same time stops it from releasing hormones that are needed so you can absorb water. If you are not drinking enough water with alcoholic drinks, you’re likely to have a hangover. Eating salty snacks like potato chips, popcorn and bar nuts cause you to be thirsty so you want another drink. This cycle causes you to become very dehydrated

  • Spicy Foods

Alcohol tends to loosen up the muscles of your stomach, these are responsible for keeping your stomach acid and other juices in the right places. Spicy Buffalo wings, hot curries and spicy tomatoe sauces can aggravate your stomach so the mixture causes heartburn or acid reflux

  • Greens

We all know that it’s super healthy to eat your greens every day, but not when you’re about to go out for a bar night unless you take them with lots of protein and fat, like chicken, salmon, tuna and avocado. If you just eat salad greens, they are good for you but pass through your system very quickly so it’s almost the same as having an empty stomach

  • Sushi

Sushi makes a healthy meal most of the time, but raw fish does not go well with drinking alcohol, the sauces that go with it are full of salt and are libel to worsen your dehydration levels. This can promote a heavy hangover and headaches and even lead to vomiting, which is never pleasant at any time, for the person or others

Gold Coast bar Tips – Food you should eat after getting Drunk at a bar

Gold Coast bar Tips - Food you should eat after getting Drunk at a bar

After a heavy night drinking, feeling nauseous, thirsty and your head is pounding, all you really want is to sleep, but you have to get up and get into it. You swear you’ll never drink again, but right at that moment you need to do something.

What you do now and what you eat, will define how you feel for the rest of the day.

Try these foods after a drinking bar session

  • Coffee

Ah, the real brewed coffee, not the instant stuff in a jar. This will pick you up, but should be taken with solid food, but if you’re feeling nauseous, it could make you feel worse.

  • Smoothies

This is a great quick fix and you can make a smoothie is a few minutes. Just cover your ears if you’re feeling a bit sensitive when you start blending.

Use lots of fresh or frozen berries, seaweed works well here, banana and watermelon; add an egg or whey powder and avocado. This will help you with rehydrating and even out your electrolytes as well as giving you some antioxidants. A filling liquid meal that will keep you going all morning

  • Eggs

Cooking eggs is always easy, eggs can be poached, fried, scrambled, made into an omelet or just dropped into the kettle and boiled for a few minutes. The protein helps to deal with the extra alcohol in your system. Try eating them on toast, but although it’s tempting to add some bacon or cook a few sausages as well, this is not the time for a greasy meal

  • Chicken Noodle Soup

Real homemade chicken noodle soup is great for cold, when you’re feeling sick and the same goodness in it, is also great for helping to get rid of a hangover. The protein in the chicken the electrolytes micronutrients in the broth as well as the easy to digest carbohydrates from the noodles are a winning combination

  • Poached or Grilled Salmon

The high antioxidant content of salmon helps to deal with inflammation caused by alcohol and the high omega-3 content gives some instant energy

  • Carbohydrates

Normally you need to keep the consumption of simple, especially processed carbs to a minimum, but the fact if they are easy to digest when you’re hungover and probably need the sodium they contain so eat some

  • Water Rich Foods

Eat foods like watermelon, cucumber and bananas or any other fruit and you will start to rehydrate and your hangover will recede

Gold Coast bar Tips – The food you should avoid eating after getting Drunk at a bar

Gold Coast bar Tips - The food you should avoid eating after getting Drunk at a bar

When you have had a heavy night drinking it pays to look for something as healthy as possible, especially something that contains lean protein such as chicken or turkey as alcohol often has a ricochet effect on your blood sugar levels so it’s best not to tax your system any more. A light meal is preferable as having a heavy meal is likely to hamper your ability to have a sleep long enough to sleep it off.

  • Pizza and Tomatoe

Alcohol loosens your stomach muscles which makes it hard to keep your food and digestive juices down, when you combine that with acidic foods such as tomatoes that you would find in a pizza, hot chili sauce or hot salsa, it can cause severe acid reflux.

Eating pizza or other types of rich tomato dishes, drinking and lying down makes you prone to having problems

  • Chocolate

The mixture of fat and sugar in chocolate can trigger gastro issues in some people, so you should avoid anything that has chocolate in it

  • Fries

Takeaway foods, especially fries contain a lot of fat and salt, this can dehydrate your body and the salt can cause you to be thirsty. Excess alcohol is not soaked up by fat, as fat is not soluble in alcohol making it best to avoid these foods

  • Liquor Laced Desserts

When you are looking for a sweet dessert after drinking, avoid any that have liquor added as it’s often hard to know how much extra you be getting and the sugar and alcohol mixture goes directly to your bloodstream

  • Citrus

Fruit is mostly water and a good way to rehydrate after drinking Alcohol, but avoid any citrus as the acid is very likely to instigate digestive issues. Go for bananas or melon, apples of berries like strawberry, or boysenberry.

  • Candy

The problem with candy is it’s much like salty foods and often encourages you to drink more. They are full of empty calories that will not satisfy you so you’re still hungry. The alcohol you have already had will have lowered your inhibitions and will power so it’s hard to stop snacking once you have started

If the only things that are available are salty type junk foods and you really have to have something because you have the super munchies, the best approach is to make sure you chew it very well and wash it down with lots of water so you don’t get dehydrated further

Gold Coast bar Tips – Top 10 activities to avoid After Getting Drunk at a bar

Gold Coast bar Tips - Top 10 activities to avoid After Getting Drunk at a bar
  • Don’t beg the bartender for another drink after you’ve been cut off

They are very strict laws regarding serving customers in bars and one of them is you’re not allowed to serve intoxicated people. So once a person is cut off, that’s it, finished you will not be served any more and it’s very bad form to beg for more. This does not mean you have to leave, maybe a cup of coffee and enjoy the place for a bit is in order

  • Don’t ask how much your tab is at every round

It’s not the barman’s job to keep track of your tab, just the drinks and final total when you finish. They have more than enough to do running the bar and looking after other customers

  • Don’t offer to buy the barman a drink

Your bar staff are all working and like everyone while working it’s not usual to drink. Sure a nice tip is always welcome, but getting upset when you’re a bit drunk because they won’t drink with you is out of line. Don’t hassle and claim they’re being rude to you because they won’t drink with you

  • Don’t treat your bartender like their your therapist

Bar staff may listen to you out of politeness if they are not busy, but don’t get it all twisted, they don’t know anything about you all they know is what you’re drinking, so don’t expect advice. You’re a stranger to them just like you know nothing about them or their lives. They have a bar full of customers to also listen to

  • Don’t ask for your drink to be strong

All the drinks at a bar are standard measures; the barman can’t make it stronger or weaker, If you want a double then ask and pay for a double

  • Don’t get upset if the barman is nice to your or partner

Being nice to everyone is the barman’s job, it does not mean they are hitting on them even if they are flirting with the barman. The barman is nice and you should be nice back with a good tip

  • Don’t touch things that aren’t yours

If you really want an olive or umbrella offer to buy one, but don’t grab anything on the bar that is not offered to you

  • Don’t touch the bar staff

You are not welcome to try and touch the staff, no matter how pleasant they are. Even if you give a large tip, you don’t own them or have paid for the right to become physical

  • Don’t insult them by telling the somewhere else makes better drinks

If you order a drink that’s not on the menu don’t complain, if you think another place makes it better, go there

  • Don’t throw up in the bar

If you don’t feel well, then make your way to the restroom or outside rather than making a mess for others to clean up

The bar staff is there to make and serve you drinks, not as your private therapist to sort out your personal problems. It’s their job to be nice to you and your companions so it they are nice to your date enjoy the compliment. The law does not allow them to serve intoxicated customers so if they say you have had enough don’t beg, it’s bad form. Don’t become aggressive or rude they have a job to do like everyone else. If they decline to drink with you, it’s because there are working so give them a tip and thank them for their great service.

We might have missed a few points, that we for sure would like to hear from you. Do visit Backbone Bar Gold Coast to share great stories.

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