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Chasing away the weekend blues is possible by visiting a bar and watching a game with your friends. In addition, you may want to prepare a romantic and adventurous dinner with your date at a bar and have a drink afterwards. Despite this, you should keep in mind that choosing the right bar is not an easy task. Choosing the right bar is essential if you don’t want to ruin your evening with your friends or someone you love.

Listed below are some of the features that make a great bar

Providing efficient service

A great Gold Coast bar provides great service. Most consumers rate a bar according to the way the staff treats them and the quality of service they receive from the bar. A great bartender and a friendly waitress should provide an excellent level of service to customers. The staff should not be intrusive or pushy when taking your order.

Great quality food 

There is a tendency for many people to underestimate the availability of food at bars. When food is consumed, the process of getting drunk is slowed down. It shows that there is something extra to look forward to at a bar serving delicious food. Whenever people visit Gold Coast bars, they can find access to a variety of excellent fast food and finger food options.

Collection of great beer

Many bars provide specialized liquors, whiskeys, and wines to connoisseurs. Even though many of us have had the pleasure of drinks at bars, the number one thing that makes a Gold Coast bar special is the presence of a great draft beer that comes straight out of a tap onto the table. Backbone has a great range of craft beer both on tap and bottled. With an ever-changing beer menu, you are best to make a visit and see what’s pouring. Whenever you visit a bar, you’ll find that the frothy glass of beer on the brim is better than everything else.

Affordable price

A Gold Coast bar with happy hours or special weekly or monthly discounts instantly gets the crowd’s attention. Everybody prefers saving money, and a great bar offers you the opportunity to have a great time without spending hundreds of dollars on everything. 

Great ambience

The purpose of a Gold Coast bar is to get people together and relax while enjoying a great drink. Compared to being formal, it should be characterized by a carefree and informal atmosphere. The atmosphere of a great bar is an occasion in which one can forget about all the problems in life and have fun simultaneously. Friendly service staff and great food are part of a larger picture of what makes a great restaurant. A well-lit, spacious, and hygienic environment contributes significantly to the quality of the interior and furniture.

Live music

Nowadays, there is such an underappreciation for live music. The enjoyment and worth of everything in a Gold Coast bar are greatly enhanced by live music. A small piece of live music adds a much-needed oomph to the bar without making it too loud. However, it is essential to differentiate between nightclubs and bars to avoid confusion. A great bar will have enough entertainment to accommodate the crowds.

When it comes to making your evening memorable and looking to relax with your family and friends, the best choice would be to consider Backbone Bar, which is one of the best bars on the Gold Coast. People usually come for a beer and stay the whole night at Backbone bar. There is a great selection of craft beers to choose from, and an Asian fusion-inspired menu awaits all of you looking for an awesome night out with great company. Backbone Bar is where you can spend time with friends and have unforgettable memories by meeting new friends.