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It is a well-known fact that nowadays, you walk to various Gold Coast bars or Gold Coast restaurants, you will immediately notice that the beer selections have become enormous. With so many choices available, it’s understandable that most people stick to their time-tested favourites. As annoying as it can be to pay for a pint of craft beer to take a sip and realize that you just threw your money right down the drain. It is, however, an art form all its own to pick the right craft beer for your tastes.

Listed below are some tips and ways to choose a craft beer for you

Order your beers carefully

Choosing the right beer for the evening is important when exploring new and different styles. Overloading your taste buds with rich beer and overpowering too, in the beginning, may ruin your chances of enjoying a lighter, more fragrant beer later. On the other hand, the worst way to experience an unpleasantly strong beer flavour is to have it linger in your mouth for hours. Keeping this in mind, you must drink light and crisply drink your first round of drinks. It would help if you also avoided beers with a particularly bitter taste.

Get beer menu

It is important to know that if you are feeling adventurous, you shouldn’t just walk into a Gold Coast bar and ask the servers what they recommend. Instead, you could ask the Gold Coast bar or Gold Coast restaurant about their favourite or most popular beer if they partner with a particular brewer. Some Gold Coast Bars will provide tasting plates of the craft beers that they have on offer, this is a great way to taste a few of the offerings.

Keep track of your experiments

With the sheer number of beers on the market, it can be easy to lose track of all the different flavour combinations and brewing techniques. Newcomers to craft beer will benefit from keeping a list to identify what beers they naturally prefer, such as sweet, bitter, hoppy, or dark. Understanding what you like will help you have a more informed conversation with bartenders.

Consult your bartender

Nowadays, there are various modern craft beer Gold Coast bar or Gold Coast restaurant, and you will find giant lists of beers or even exhausting chalkboard menus on the wall. You can choose a new beer to try shouldn’t be a journey through different beers, especially if you’re not familiar with them. When you are at a Gold Coast bar, this is the perfect opportunity to discuss with the bartender. An enthusiastic and knowledgeable bartender will tell you if you’re at the right place. If the case, you must make it clear to your friends that you are new to craft beer. As a bartender’s taste is typically quite advanced, their favourite might be too complex for someone new to the craft beer world. The best thing you can do for yourself is always to be honest because pretending you have an experience you don’t will help you.

Go explore with a friend

Going with a friend or group to the best Gold Coast barlike Backbone Bar, is always better when you embark on your beer journey. Additionally, you get to have a chance to discuss your experience and hear what your friends think of the beers they prefer. It adds a new dimension to the whole experience when you have friends to share your favourite beers with.